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Project Communication Management Software


In today’s fast paced world, organizations are willingly hiring efficient project managers, who can assist them in optimizing the work processes. Project management itself is now being considered as the most efficient and effective methodology for the completion of various projects, being initiated at organizations at different levels. Whether companies are working on software projects or on projects of diverse niche, they get them done with the assistance of project managers.

For successful completion of a project, at present a number of organizations as well as project managers take assistance from project communication management software. This software assists project managers to be as effective as possible, irrespective of their industry. This project communication management software definitely enhances the work processes and hence, provides a structured platform for efficient completion of a project.

Project communication management software is an essential tool not only for software project managers or for software companies only, but for the entire corporate world, operating in diverse industries. This software allows you to efficiently communicate with your customers directly, without revealing your

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Communicating More Effectively


Communication should be a main focus of every organization. Without properly established lines of communication, important information can easily get lost in translation. How does your organization communicate with employees on a daily basis? For most companies this day in age, the most common form of intra-organization communication is email. Moreover, with the ever increasing popularity of smart phones that enable users to check email remotely 24 hours a day, face-to-face communication is, sadly, becoming a thing of the past. While every nonprofit has a bottom line to consider, management staff should never lose sight of the importance of using technology to more efficiently facilitate the flow of information between members of the organization. Despite the many free or low cost tools that exist today, resources to increase intra-organization communication are often overlooked. A quick Internet search returns hundreds of results for these types of tools. However, weeding out the good from the bad can be a lengthy and somewhat frustrating process. To get your search started in the right direction, offered below are a few free or inexpensive tools that can help promote effective

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Communication in Software


Today, in the age of high technology, we can observe an incredibly rapid development of all sectors of Economy, Business and other substantial areas, but the most rapid growing industry is Information Technology. The expression “time is money” has never been so important, because the timely provided and processed information becomes increasingly significant.

Nowadays an outsourcing software testing has reached a great popularity. This kind of quality assurance services implies a transfer of the project for testing to a group of testers outside the company, which created and developed the software. Frequently outsourcing testing companies work in another city, country or even on another continent, i.e. remotely.

Customers applying to such a company naturally expect from its staff the knowledgeable and professional ownership of technologies that will support communication at a distance. This is due to the fact that during the testing process it will certainly be necessary to conduct online meetings, video chats, and perhaps even online conferences devoted to discussion of the project, emerging issues and controversial moments.

The complexity of

Online Collaboration Software Offers New

Collaboration Software is used to exchange the required information inside your teams and with your clients. This software is not only used for exchanging information but also use to manage projects, including all basic facilities like file storage, calendar, wikis, chat room, to-do list, goal setting etc. It is used to save time and reduce budget. Collaboration software offers new capabilities for project planning teams. Project planning team is used for initiation, planning, and execution, evaluation, monitoring, controlling, and maintaining the projects. During the execution of the project it is the responsibility of the planning team to monitor and look-after each step of the project. So team is responsible for development of an effective and productive project plan. So for all these functions it plays a very important role. A good communication skill is very important in obtaining and executing any project. Collaboration software is used to improve the communication within the organization. By using online collaboration software you can easily communicate with your team and your clients throughout the world at any time. This software tool allows you to access the data and information about the project from any location around the globe.

Community Innovation

Many hands make software work

The stakes for Microsoft, which was outlining its Office 2010 product strategy, were extremely high. According to Microsoft’s earnings statements, Microsoft Office productivity suite generates more revenue than any other business division, says Gregg Keizer,who covers Microsoft and general technology news for Computerworld.

Months before Microsoft released Office 2010 productivity suite, 9 million people downloaded the beta version to test the software and to provide feedback. Through this program, Microsoft collected 2 million valuable comments and insights from those testers.

Denise Carlevato, a Microsoft usability engineer for 10 years, and her colleagues from Microsoft’s Virtual Research Lab observed how people used new features. Their objective was to make Microsoft Office fit the way millions of people used their product and to help them work better. It was a massive, controlled crowd sourcing project.

The scenario

Developing a new software product is always exciting, especially to watch ideas take form and truly become a reality. Sometimes a fresh perspective or an innovative use case is all it takes to turn a product from good to great. However, when it comes to testing, we often find ourselves in unchartered waters

Discover How Online Discussion Forums Drive Traffic

Why build a discussion forum? Businesses use them to enhance employee productivity or communicate with customers: Sports fans use them to discuss their team’s performance, schools provide educational support to students, “foodies” compare recipes, and so much more. Forum audiences are as diverse as human interests. Because of this, their reach and influence as a search marketing tool should be studied and integrated in most if not all search engine marketing strategies.

How Do Forums Work?

A forum’s main topic is generally set by the owner, also known as forum administrator, but the bulk of the content is provided by members of the forum. In a forum, visitors have the ability to start “discussions” with other members in the form of topics, also known as “threads.” Once a forum user (guest or member) has read a thread, they’ll generally have the option to post a reply which can then be read by the community. These discussions can develop without all users needing to be online at the same time.

Forums can be thought of as containers, or archives, for information fostered by the community. Depending on the

Current Management Opportunities

During the past 30 years the world went through a very dynamic technological transformation. In retrospective, it can be stated without exaggeration that the emergence of electronic devices and the Internet have greatly impacted daily life as well as managerial practice to an unforeseen extent. The computerization of multiple business processes and the creation of large scale databases, among many other radical technological advances, have lead to enormous cost savings and quality improvements over the years. The interconnection of financial markets through electronic means and the worldwide adoption of the Internet have greatly reduced transaction and communication costs and brought nations and cultures closer to one another than ever imaginable. Computers are now fundamental tools in almost all businesses around the world and their application and adaptation to specific business problems in the form of software development is a practice that many companies perform on their own. In the past, such computerization and automation efforts were very costly and therefore only practiced by large corporations. Over the years, however, the software industry emerged to offer off-the-shelf solutions and services to smaller companies. Today, having survived the massive dotcom crash of the year 2000, software development businesses

Top 5 Tips to Making Your Online Community

When staring up a new online community, or even regenerating an old one, the most important thing to consider is the categories. The main reason that people visit online communities is for discussion and debate. Categories are a brilliant way to split up conversation types so users to the website can find related discussions which they may be interested in. To ensure discussions occur, take some time to write out the areas that people may want to discuss related to your subject. Try not to put too many categories as people may feel a bit overwhelmed when visiting the website for the first time, and not know where a specific post should go. Do not however go the other way and make too few categories as they may become very general and posts will not stay specific to the categories.

A good way to ensure there are enough categories without cluttering the community is to create sub categories. These sit nicely within a specified category and give suggestions of more in depth areas that may be more suited to the post.


If you are going to

The Five Stages of Interviewing Offshore Software

The following describes some techniques that I use when interviewing candidates for Software Engineering positions in offshore locations. I have brought these techniques together into five stages:

  1. Logic and Problem Solving Ability
  2. Computing Knowledge
  3. Specific Skills
  4. Spoken and Written English Ability
  5. Communication Skills and Personality
  1. Logic and Problem Solving Ability

When I first started out interviewing offshore software engineering candidates in Malaysia, I wasted a lot of time looking at their CVs and using those as the basis for the first stages of interviews. This resulted in the candidates doing a lot of talking about projects they (claimed) they had done and skills they (thought) they had before I even started measuring their technical ability. Some CVs looked very impressive indeed, their authors claiming almost endless lists of skills acquired, many to “advanced” standards. Now, back in the UK, for the most part when talking about highly skilled jobs there is an unspoken rule when it comes to CVs, candidates only listing skills that are really worth listing and certainly being prepared to back up any claims of “advanced” levels of proficiency in any of those claimed skills. It is no surprise that upon receiving such impressive CVs

Agile Or Incremental Software Development


First of all, “which is appropriate?” would be a better question. The truth is that each software development method is appropriate in different circumstances. This article discusses my personal experiences with these approaches within Axios, and I welcome any comments or different perspectives. It’s fair to say that we use our own flavours of both of these methodologies so if you’re a purist you might want to look away now.

General considerations.

The first consideration when choosing a project management methodology is to recognize that software development has technical, creative and people management elements to it – each of these must be considered.

Whichever methodology is chosen must facilitate communication. This means recognising that the customer has the clearest vision for their business but will generally lack understanding of what is possible or what each requirement may cost. The software development firm will understand the technologies but need to keep this closely aligned with valuable business outcomes. This balance requires a meeting of the minds and a degree of trust.

Another key consideration to remember is that it is not cost-effective to eliminate all uncertainty and risk.

Instead, we need to

Project Management Needs Communication to Succeed

To be able to work with people you have to communicate. This is a fact that very few people object to.

But communication is not always that easy. You sometimes hear that people talk too much instead of doing the work they should. And if they talk too much, they definitely don’t inform about what should be informed about.

To communicate inside a project you need a plan. Most project methods have a plan on how to communicate and what questions to answer. But, these guidelines are not always followed and by not following the guidelines you lose a lot of information and team spirit.

Some people say that “I have written this in the project management software so they should know what is happening.” This is of course true in many cases, but by just writing something in a system doesn’t necessarily make it communicated.

Scrum is one popular project management method in software development. Using this method the whole team meets up every morning to discuss what they did since last meeting and what they are planning to do next. This is

Community In WordPress With Buddypress And bbPress

Running your own social network can be confusing and very complex to set up, but it doesn’t have to be. Buddypress was created to give you a simple way to bring WordPress user profiles to the front-end. This gives members the ability to view their profile information and interact with network components that are necessary to engage on your site.


Buddypress has several features that are designed for communications and interaction. Here are the Spotlight Features:

• User Groups. Allow your users to create micro-communities.
• Activity Streams, for members and groups. Site-wide directory and single threads.
• Notifications, get notified. Smart read/unread options fully integrated.
• Friendships, create connections. It’s always about who you know!
• Private Conversations with several members at one time.
• Extend BuddyPress with hundreds of third-party WordPress plugins.

If you are planning to set-up a network on your WordPress site, I suggest that you do not set it up when you launch your site. I have personal experience with setting up a network prematurely, and it’s not a good idea if you have little traffic

Custom Software Development

Outsourcing and outstaffing are relatively new terms. Both firmly stepped into the IT sphere, and sometimes get confused. Indeed, they both involve remote work; after all, IT is all about remote work nowadays. But the core difference is that where outsourcing hands a whole business process (read: software project) to a third party, outstaffing presupposes hiring dedicated employees of a software company to work on the project controlled by the business owner.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is basically handing projects, functions, or activities to a third party, which has all the available resources to conduct it – such as qualified staff and equipment. With the importance of IT growing, businesses from various industries hand IT services to remote contractors which offer high-value IT products and services for lower labor costs.

The actual task of outsourcing is not saving money, but rather the opportunity to free the available resources and focus on new directions of core business activities, or develop those which need extra attention.

Why Is Outsourcing So Popular?

If IT is not the core activity of a business (which can

What Is Open Source Software

Open source software is available under a software license that allows users to access the source code and edit it according to their requirements thus offering the ability to customize the software for different purposes. The software license protects the right of the user to edit and modify it in any way he wants. This characteristic is the prominent difference between open source software and closed source software model. The closed source model allows only the creator of the application to access and modify the software in any way.

Some of the advantages of open source software are mentioned below:

Customization: As discussed above, the ability to customize the software according to the requirements is the prime difference between open source and closed source model. The option of customizing the software allows developers to create a solution that specifically targets the requirements of their clients. Organizations and enterprises can extract the maximum benefits from this feature as they can get customized solutions for managing their day to day activities.

Freely Available: One of the other great advantages of using this technology is that it is usually available

What Makes PHP Social Networking Software

The huge success and growing popularity of sites like Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook have led to the introduction of social networking software designed to help individuals create and establish their own site. Among the many different types of community software applications available today, the PHP social networking software seems to have captured the interests of many individuals and has become a popular option among online businessmen.

The popularity of such software is primarily attributed to its open-source nature as well as to the convenience and ease of use it provides to users. It has the ability to run on any platform, whether on Linux or Windows.

Another reason why this software is such a huge hit is its simplicity. It’s easier to install and use this software. In the event that users are having difficulties with its installation or use, there are always online forums from where they can post their questions or ask advice and suggestions. Its huge popularity makes it very well documented and supported.

While PHP may be a highly complex and difficult programming language to learn, most especially to those who have no

Community Organizing

Oh no, don’t worry… this is not a political article.

The term does tend to bring to mind visions of activists on the streets of major cities corralling folks together to discuss, protest, or even support a common cause.

Thanks to social media, primarily social networking sites, we can now move some of our community organizing efforts off of the streets and on to the digital backbone of the internet.

Most of these sites offer features called groups or communities. Often we see and hear of the group or community function being used for such worldly important items like fan pages for popular music artists or pages supporting a favorite movie.

But many social network sites offer full community features that can go much deeper and can be very beneficial to local and national organizations, businesses and more. These community pages offer a full array of tools such as blogs, photo albums, discussion areas, wiki pages and more all dedicated to the particular community.

Member of a booster club for a school club or activity? Form a community and invite others

Changing Paradigm of Software Development

Open Source Software (OSS) has gained considerable importance in the software industry with extensive development and is now being widely accepted as a new model of business. The open source model is far more acceptable today due to the decreased degree of defects and errors as compared to proprietary software.

Technical Variations

Open source software, as the name suggests, allows accessibility to source code of a software program in order to make modifications to the software. Issues surrounding accessibility involves drafting licensing of the software in a manner which allows access to the source code. Whereas, in proprietary software the source code is not shared, viewed and modified. All modifications are done by the software developer as per the licensing agreement. Users of the proprietary software are required to purchase any upgrades of the existing software from the author of the software, as users are prohibited from copying, distributing, and modifying the software.

Although deviations have altered the arrangement between a vendor and customer of proprietary software, users are allowed to view and modify the source code without distributing it others. An example would be Microsoft’s Shared

Important Aspects of Online Project Management

Project Management and task management software has one logical aim is to manage the projects in an effectual way to achieve their objectives. For individual point of view, the aim is to deliver the projected results with in stipulated time period, budget and most important as per excellence. However, for those who manage multiple projects, their expectation from online project management software is far more. It should provide the benefits like Task Management, Resource Management, Time Tracking, Collaboration tool, Real time chat, and in fact, Real time management. It should be easy to use and have centralized data facility. Now companies are more interested in having online management service so that their team members, clients as well as stake holders have access to information and data from any location. A software which can provide up-to-date information and generate a customize reports for all of them. Through which all log in member can view, communicate, discuss, and work freely. Moreover things like file sharing and proofing become effortless.

So, if these are the requirement, how can online web based project management software deliver such benefits consistently?

1. Data requirements for Decisions

What Communication Is Effective in Software

As far as the software industry grows, there appears a chance for every software developing company to occupy a perceptible place in this niche. Of course it is worth remembering that the guarantee of the software success on the market is its quality. Therefore, the testing services should not be neglected.

It does not matter what testing should be performed: mobile testing, website testing or desktop testing – for all of these types of testing exists the undisputed importance of communication. Sometimes this point can be even decisive, because if testers do not communicate with developers or customers, the achievement of mutual understanding and quality of work cannot always be guaranteed.

Many customers prefer to focus more on team building and installing the constant feedback at the beginning of the project, as they realize that the final result may depend on it. It is not always easy to establish a general model of communication that suits everyone – both customers and testers.

5 Features of Productive Communication in Software Testing:

1. Politeness.

2. Distinctness.

3. Shortness.

Best Blogging Software

The blogging platform wars are getting really interesting and much of the discussion I find myself in lately revolves around what is happening with various CMS systems. The market can essentially be defined into 3 major camps: remotely hosted, self hosted, and community based systems. I have used pretty much every blogging platform available and each of them has its ups and downs. In this article I will cover the best options for each area taking into account price, usability, market share and of course SEO potential.

Remotely Hosted Blogging Software
(Note: I cannot really recommend any of these from an SEO stand point as optimizing a domain you do not own or control is obviously not a good marketing plan.)


Blogger is completely free and currently owns the majority of the remotely hosted user base, but not by a land slide . Bought out by Google in 1999, Blogger essentially fired up the blogging trend we see today. It is by far the easiest overall solution to use and if you are a novice user looking to throw up some recipes or poetry, this