Project Communication Management Software


In today’s fast paced world, organizations are willingly hiring efficient project managers, who can assist them in optimizing the work processes. Project management itself is now being considered as the most efficient and effective methodology for the completion of various projects, being initiated at organizations at different levels. Whether companies are working on software projects or on projects of diverse niche, they get them done with the assistance of project managers.

For successful completion of a project, at present a number of organizations as well as project managers take assistance from project communication management software. This software assists project managers to be as effective as possible, irrespective of their industry. This project communication management software definitely enhances the work processes and hence, provides a structured platform for efficient completion of a project.

Project communication management software is an essential tool not only for software project managers or for software companies only, but for the entire corporate world, operating in diverse industries. This software allows you to efficiently communicate with your customers directly, without revealing your identity. You can easily discuss with them about the project requirements by posting your queries related to the project, irrespective of the geographical location.

The major advantage of this software is that it allows you to not only add your customers, but you can also other team members, who are working on the project. All you have to do is:

  • Initiate a project with its title on the software
  • Add team members with their name, designation and email address, note that it will not be revealed to your customers.
  • Add customers with their name, designation and email address
  • Whenever there is a query or you have to discuss something with customers, you can post messages and they will be notified with an email alert.

Features That Assist Successful Completion of Your Project

  • You can easily maintain a complete history of your communication for future reference.
  • Time spent on each project is recorded and hence, you can keep track of the project activities.
  • The interface is highly user-friendly, easy to use and install and hence, everyone can use the software easily. It therefore, allows quick ramp-up times.
  • Team members and customers can directly hold discussions without signing up.
  • A notification is sent to everyone added in the project along with a link, so that you can participate in the project discussion by simply clicking on the link.
  • Once members are removed the link sent to them becomes inaccessible.
  • You can easily upload relevant files, apply filters and tag members in the messages, so that they can quickly access them.

Advantages of Using Project Communication Management Software

  • Project managers can easily collaborate with team members as well as with their customers in real time. They can easily discuss issues; keep members up to date with the current status of the project while dealing with problems and queries arising at the instant.
  • Easily share significant documentation of projects with the help of document sharing tools that allows editing and organizing reports and also, ensures transparency and efficient communication.
  • The project communication management software reporting capabilities provides flexible report formats and has the facility to access required data promptly. Thus, the software assists in keeping tasks on schedule.